Episode 25: Massa’s Mario Kart and Cocky Balboa

This week we talk about our fixation with Ronnie’s urination, Argentinian anger, Tom Brady’s side hustle and Team Sky going broke. We also mention some dirty Australians, roller hockey and racing birds. Everything you love, all in one place!

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Here are all the world record attempts we talked about:

Most Stairs Climbed
Fastest All Fours 100m
Most Little Finger Pull-ups
Most 1 Finger Push Ups
Most Bowling Strikes
Most Underwater Bench Presses
Farthest Wall Run

https://www.velonews.com/2012/09/news/robert-marchand-sets-new-100-kilometer-speed-record_240211 Quickest 100 km cycle by a centenarian

http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/farthest-light-bulb-throw Light Bulb Throwing

Furthest Golf Ball Catch in a Car

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