Bonus Episode: Switch On Tag In – Wrestling With the Truth

In yet another special episode (we just can’t help ourselves at the moment) , we crossover with the boys from Switch On Tag In – a Birmingham-based wrestling podcast who love themselves a bit of grappling. They educate us on the British scene, whether UFC is better than wrestling (guesses on a postcard to the answer to that) and then we run them through their paces with a lovely game of Oh, the Inhumanity (wrestling edition).

We also guested on their podcast and told them a thing or two about wrestling – you can hear that right here (or here if you are on mobile).

Switch On Tag in can be found on FacebookTwitter or on Soundcloud. They’ve also got a lovely iTunes page – basically they’re all over the web like a plague, so you may as well give in now and check them out.

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And here’s big Dunc being a crazy legend:

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