All About Us

We are a pair of guys from Birmingham, UK, who listen to a lot of podcasts and one day just thought “why not us?”. And thus Back Seat Coaches was born.

The show varies from week to week, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but hopefully always entertaining. We also try to do a little game every week that I hope everyone at home enjoys playing along to. Listen to Episode 19 for probably our favourite game.

If you like what you hear/see here, why not follow us on your favourite podcast app – the rss feed is – or you can just type Back Seat Coaches in there – you can tell if it’s a good app by whether we’re on there or not. We’re also on Stitcher, Spotify and iTunes, so there’s really no excuse for you not to follow.

Last of all, if you do enjoy the show, if you could do us a massive favour and chuck us a review on iTunes, a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter, that would just make our day.

Have a great week.

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