Tom Brady’s Dog’s Record Shop

Here’s all the videos of the records we mentioned in Episode 28: A Skip Full of Dogs and a Captain’s Bum.

Most Parrot Dunks – Zac the Macaw in San Jose, 2011
The tightrope crossing dog, Ozzy the border collie. No tumble at all, away he goes!
He just wants to play fetch!
Skateboarding goat, running and jumping on! No way Happie’s pushing though.
Twinkie the Jack Russell getting after those 100 balloons
Skippety Skip Skip!
Purin is the cutest! Better shot stopper than Pickford, but not as good at distribution.
This isn’t the actual current record, this was Purin’s previous attempt. But still amazing!
Look at that Mother Hubbard go! Terrifying.