Tom Brady’s Record Shop

Here’s all the videos of the records we mentioned in Episode 25: Massa’s Mario Kart and Cocky Balboa.

Most Stairs climbed – turns out Boz didn’t get this quite right…
Fastest All Fours 100m – Look at him go!
Most Pinky Pull ups – makes my arms hurt to look at him
Most 1 Finger Push Ups – I don’t understand…
Most bowling strikes in a minute – Ben was so ambitious
Most underwater Bench Presses – easier or harder than on land do we think? The kids dancing around in the background are pretty funny in fast motion too. (Also, I think Boz does a better job of pronouncing his name)
Farthest wall run – unfortunately commentary is in German, but I can translate – they mostly say “this record is not that impressive”
Robert Marchand’s 100km record is genuinely impressive though
Perfect form from Harshvardhan Gupta to hurl that light bulb
Coulthard chasing down that golf ball! Filmed at the same place as Top Gear, but not for them, so Boz was right, you shut up