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Welcome to our sports podcast! We’re two guys from Britain who like to talk sports and find out about new ones, and we decided maybe people would like to listen to our voyage of discovery too. We also think that the best way to remember things is to gamify it, so every episode we come up with a new way to bamboozle each other with our sports knowledge. You are encouraged to play along!

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Episode 111: The Grape Escape and Something God Offal Back Seat Coaches

Another slightly unusual episode due to scheduling issues, but at least we managed to sit in the garden and record this week! We talk about the ubiquitous Euros, hear about aggressive toast and chat about our podcast day out. Then we hear about Jet Suit Jonny, challenge David again and big up the Finns. And we finish by laughing at pig guts.Support the show (
  1. Episode 111: The Grape Escape and Something God Offal
  2. Bonus Episode: Much Musical Nonsense
  3. Episode 110: RC Jesus and A Cup Half Phil
  4. Golden Own Goal Episode 31: The Man From Belmonte
  5. Episode 109: Jammy James and a Calippo Calamity

Or you can find our full back catalogue here.

If you’re new to us, you might enjoy one of our less time-sensitive episodes, such as Episode 15: Various Bottoms and Medical Complications or Episode 37: The Joy of Standing Still and Jumping Into Beans where we just played some of our trademark games, Episode 16: Novak Honkavic and Tight Londoners where we tried to fix sports with ideas of wildly varying quality, or Getting Into Bed With Slam Dunking Dinosaurs, where we discussed our sporting upbringing and heroes.

Alternatively, you could try our Golden Own Goal episodes, our tricky midweek fixtures which are all short sharp bursts of sporting goodness, specifically designed to lure newbies in to our sporting lair.

We also do a bit of video stuff (when Boz has too much time on his hands), which you can find here, or follow us on Youtube!

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Have a great week.

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